Brain Scanner
Interactive video installation
Programing : Anton Sachs

How is our mind shaped, what mythology lies behind? How do we influence what we see in mass media? What impact has it on our perception of the world?
The Brain Scanner explores the biodirectional relationship of each of us has with image production industry.
All inner longings and desires find their expression in mass media: TV, cinema and etc, and that, in turn, shape popular consciousness.
Installation consists of a cabin, equipped with a computer, a display, and a sound system. It resembles an apparatus from a science lab or a hospital.
It is the brain scanner, linking our innermost thoughts to a video projection, based on most popular mass media production: television, cinema, advertising.
When a visitor is comfortably seated, an automated voice asks him to concentrate on his inner self. In a short while the computer selects and shows a short film reflecting the inner state of the viewer.
Computer memory holds over 60 video clips, each 1 to 2 minutes long, compiled from the most popular and cult movies of the last fifteen years.

Technical description:
1 computer
1 LCD monitor
2 speakers
proximity ir sensor
cabin construction

photo: Aleksei Dementiev

photo: Pavel Kisilev