interactive installation

Production : VGC (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscomissie) (BE), Cyland MediaLab, Saint-Petersburg (RU), Adem vzw (BE)
With support of : iMAL asbl/vzw, Brussels (BE)
Flemish Ministry of Culture

Programming and engineering - Aleksey Grachev, Sergey Komarov, breath detector - Interface-Z

Installation consists of three light objects. Two of them are connected to the RSS [web] feed via computers, and the third, with the aid of the anemomenter provides wind, temperature, noise of street (environment).
Computer searches for all words, related to the concept "of fear" (for first sculpture) and "desire" (for the second) in the RSS. The more such words appear, the brighter are the object's LEDs, progressing from the base of object to the top. The third object is based on the same principle.
Spectator can walk inside the actual construction, where additional airspeed sensor is located. When she/he blows on it, the pattern of illumination changes - the simple act of breathing becomes visible and important.

breathless H264 from alex dementieva on Vimeo.